Subsea Cables

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Subsea Cables

This section contains information relating to Subsea Telecoms and Power Cables, from design to installation, maintenance to future trends.

Subsea cables have a very long history, with the world's first submarine cable crossing the Dover Strait in 1850. Subsea cables are essential to the worlds communications and with the growth of offshore renewable energy developments, the supply of electricity.

For a summary of the importance of power and telecoms cables and the issues effecting them, please download the Subsea Cables UK documents below:

The Importance of Subsea Telecoms Cables

The Importance of Subsea Power Cables

At the planning and installation phase of a submarine cable project, one of the most effective methods of protecting a submarine cable from damage caused by external aggression is to bury the cable, usually with a sea plough.

Due to the nature of some areas of seabed where mobile sediments are found, cables that were buried at the time of installation may become exposed over time, therefore it should not be assumed that all submarine cables are completely protected by burial, as they may become exposed and on the surface.

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