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  • The Race Bank Project undertook a survey at the location shown on the below chart on 10/10/2018. The survey identified a shallow-buried section of export cable approximately 15m long, with approximate...

  • Please be advised that Global Marine Systems Ltd has been contracted to undertake an emergency fibre optic submarine cable repair to the Concerto North fibre optic cable in the North Sea.

  • Please be advised that whilst conducting geotechnical investigations the survey vessel Omalius lost a drill string.

  • The Caithness - Moray HVDC Link is a twin bundled High Voltage DC interconnector (single cable diameter 132mm) installed by NKT HV Cables AB for Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHEt) stretching ...

  • Mariners are advised that Hornsea Project One will be continuing the intertidal and nearshore export cable works along the offshore export cable corridor. Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm is loc...

  • Following a recent survey within the Galloper windfarm some evidence of cable exposure was observed.

  • Old access ladder from Met Mast 1 at the Shell Flats Wind Farm. The ladder is sticking up 1.5 metres above the seabed and is 50cm wide (the ladder may also be buried several metres into the seabed). T...

  • Please be advised that the Stirl Explorer managed to break away from the Vibro Corer, recovery failed and it has been left on the seabed

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