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  • Kentish Flats 2019

  • Greater Gabbard 2019

  • Please be advised that a Wave buoy anchor and approximately 6 meters of chain with a combined weight of approx. 800kg. was lost overboard 53°30.110’N 003°21.945’W

  • A recent survey along the routes of the WEST of DUDDON SANDS EXPORT CABLES has indicated areas of exposed cable.

  • Recent surveys at Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm have illustrated that some array/in-field cables are lying exposed on the seabed and are no longer buried and there is one freespan.

  • Please be advised that potentially 5 No 2 tonne clump weights dropped at the following position 51°59.728’N 001°25.898’E

  • Please be advised that Dropped Object - Concrete ballast mattress failed to disconnect from deployment frame during placement over EA1S HDD duct. Mattress was rotated north away from duct and was laid...

  • Please be advised that Dropped Object - CPT Rod. The lost CPT rod is believed to be projecting about 1.2m above seabed. Position: 56°39.288’N 01°41.271’W

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