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  • The most up-to-date emergency contact numbers for Subsea Cables and Renewable Energy Structures. These phone numbers relate to each offshore structure and may be be used in case of an emergency, or ur...

  • Kentish Flats 2019

  • Greater Gabbard 2019

  • Please be advised that a Wave buoy anchor and approximately 6 meters of chain with a combined weight of approx. 800kg. was lost overboard 53°30.110’N 003°21.945’W

  • A recent survey along the routes of the WEST of DUDDON SANDS EXPORT CABLES has indicated areas of exposed cable.

  • Recent surveys at Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm have illustrated that some array/in-field cables are lying exposed on the seabed and are no longer buried and there is one freespan.

  • Please be advised that potentially 5 No 2 tonne clump weights dropped at the following position 51°59.728’N 001°25.898’E

  • Please be advised that Dropped Object - Concrete ballast mattress failed to disconnect from deployment frame during placement over EA1S HDD duct. Mattress was rotated north away from duct and was laid...

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