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Verizon owns and operates one of the most expansive IP backbone networks in the world.  Verizon's global network includes over 800,000 route miles, including terrestrial and undersea cable, spanning six continents.  In the waters surrounding the UK, Verizon currently has interests in one private cable, Ulysses, and numerous other consortium led cables, including EIG, TAT-14 and SMW3.


Subsea Cable Asset Name:Ulysses 1 & 2
Cable Type:Telecoms
Status of the Cable:Active
Location:Southern North Sea
Landing Point of Export Cable:Lowestoft - Ijmuiden, Netherlands (Ulysses 2) St Margarets - Calais, France (Ulysses 1)
Installation Date:1997
Approximate Total Cable Length (KM):200km and 50km
Burial Status Upon Installation: Cable buried up to 1.0m but burial status highly variable due mobile nature of seabed
Emergency Contact+44 7771 730654 (Global Marine Systems)