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TAT 14 segment K is one of two trans-Atlantic cables forming part of a seven segment ring system connecting the USA to Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France and the UK. The majority of the cable on the Continental Shelves was plough buried, with the exception of the Fair Isle Channel and westwards of 7° West. Joint Maintenance Authorities are TeliaSonera in Denmark and Sprint in the USA.

TAT 14

Subsea Cable Asset Name:TAT 14 SEG.K(b)
Cable Type:Telecoms
Status of the Cable:Active
Location:North Sea, Fair Isle Channel and Atlantic
Landing Point of Export Cable:Blaabjerg, Denmark to Manasquan NJ, USA
Installation Date:2000
Approximate Total Cable Length (KM):7500
Burial Status Upon Installation: Majority of the cable buried where practicable on the Continental Shelf. For details see Cable Awareness Charts and Flyers.
Emergency Contact+44(0)8457 555 999