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West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm - Cable Spans & Flidar Buoys

West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm - Cable Spans & Flidar Buoys

Cable Spans

A survey has identified two areas where there is the potential of Exposed/Free-Span Cable

either side of the crossing of the Barrow Wind Farm cable. There is the potential that both

of the West of Duddon Sands cables are exposed in the area immediately to the East and

West of the Barrow Wind Farm Export Cable Crossing.

Position Of Cable Crossing

54°00.30'N 002°57.90'W

The two expanses of potential exposure have been identified between the following


East of the Barrow cable

Northern span: 54°00.272'N 002°58.182'W to 54°00.279'N 002°58.046'W

Southern span: 54°00.250'N 002°58.172'W to 54°00.255'N 002°58.075'W


West of the Barrow cable

Northern span: 54°00.295'N 002°57.727'W to 54°00.323'N 002°57.409'W

Southern span: 54°00.273'N 002°57.763'W to 54°00.296'N 002°57.453'W

FLiDAR Buoys

DONG Energy will shortly be deploying two FLiDAR BUOYS, each with an associated

marker or pendant buoy, and one WAVE BUOY in the area just outside of the NW corner

of the WEST of DUDDON SANDS WIND FARM, opposite the Met Mast.


The Buoys are scheduled to be deployed on or around Monday 9th January 2017 and will

remain in position for a period of approx. six months.

Please mark these positions on your charts/[plotters and keep clear

Positions of flidar buoys




54°00.061'N   003°33.600'W


54°00.178'N   003°33.618'W


Seabed: The mooring system for each floating LIDARs will consist of cast iron sinkers of

approx. 4T weight and approx. 80m of mooring chain with various shackles and swivels.

Some of the chain will lie on the seabed, the proportion of chain on the seabed will be

dependent and drift and tide

Surface: Each buoy will have a surface marker, or Pendant Buoy, denoting the position of

the 2nd 4T seabed sinker weight.

Positions of marker or pendant buoys



Pennant 1

54°00.095'N   003°33.499'W

Pennant 2

54°00.245'N   003°33.590'W

Position of wave buoy 


54°00.021'N   003°33.425'W

Seabed:  Mooring: The mooring connection to the buoy is made with a 12mm stainless

steel swivel. Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene line (UHMWPE) is used for the

mooring line and the mooring is anchored to the ground using up to 600kg of heavy chain. 

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