Walney Extention OWF - Construction

Walney Extention OWF - Construction

Please note that the whole of this area remains a designated construction site and all mariners are requested and advised to mark the positions of the Buoys on their charts/plotters and unless there are matters relating to their own safety or the safety of others they should keep clear and not enter the buoyed area until the Wind Farm has been commissioned with the Buoys removed and you have been informed.

All mariners should also note that there remains a constant stream of traffic between the Wind Farm Site, Belfast, Barrow and Heysham.

Both Offshore Sub-Stations, Z03 (section WOWO3) and Z04 (section WOWO4), are installed and commissioned.

All 40 of the Wind Turbine Generators in this section of the Wind Farm are installed, commissioning work in this section is ongoing as weather and conditions permit, 39 Turbines have been commissioned and are providing power to the national grid.

All 47 Mono-piles complete with the Transition Piece are installed in this section of the Wind Farm and work is progressing on the installation of the Tower sections, Nacelles and Blades (WTGs) as well as commissioning work, again as weather and conditions permit.

41 WTGs completed, 34 have been commissioned

'SEAJACKS SCYLLA' will make regular journeys to Belfast to re-load WTGs and will also at times be serviced by Helicopter for the transition of technicians or technical equipment. Two Crew Transfer/Service Vessels, the 26 meter 'NOS DETECTOR' and the 24.7 meter 'FOB SWATH 3' will act as support vessels.

Various support and Anchor Handling Tugs (AHTs) are on site to assist in manoeuvring and installation, CTVs will also be operating between the area of the Wind Farm site and Barrow.

A 500 meter minimum Safe Working Distance is requested around all of the construction vessel at all times while on site


The Self Propelled Jack-up vessel 'BRAVE TERN' is on site and will carry out some maintenance works at Turbine positions C03 and F04.

'BRAVE TERN' will be supported by the CTV 'BOOSTER' and dependant on weather and conditions this work is expected to take 4/5 days.

Both of these Turbine positions are in the section identified as WOWO3 and attached with this notice is an additional small chartlet which shows the layout of the WALNEY WIND FARM EXTENSION (WOWO3+4) with the section WOWO3 clearly marked. There are also a pictures of 'BRAVE TERN' and the CVT 'BOOSTER'.

This work is not expected to interfere with any other vessels but a wide berth, minimum 500 meters, is requested around 'BRAVE TERN' at all times while on site and especially when it can be seen that the vessel is afloat and manoeuvring into position

There are now only two Guard Vessels engaged :

'KARIMA' is primary Wind Farm Site,

'FAIRLINE SURVEYOR' secondary Wind Farm site/Export Cable

'KARIMA' will conduct 6 hourly Securite broadcasts informing Mariners of site relevant safety information, these will be announced on VHF Channel 16 and broadcast will take place on VHF channel 67 at 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 & 00:00. If required 'KARIMA' can be contacted on VHF Channels 16 & 12 for information relating to any Cable Lay, Cable Pull In, Turbine Installation or vessel movement.


For further information: Tom Watson: Tel: 01253 875565, Mob: 07903 173 624

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