Walney Extension Wind Farm - Buoy Deployment & Grapnel Run

Walney Extension Wind Farm - Buoy Deployment & Grapnel Run

Grapnel Runs

As part of the preparations for construction a pre-lay grapnel run along the Infield or Inter-Array Cable Routes within both sections of the Wind Farm as well as along the whole length of the Two Export Cable Routes is scheduled to begin in early February at a date to be confirmed.

The grapnel run will be carried out by the 27.7m Briggs Marine Multi-Cat Work Boat 'Forth Warrior' and depending on weather and conditions as well as the requirement for any boulder or debris removal can be expected to last several weeks.

During Pre-Lay Grapnel operations 'Forth Warrior' will keep a listening watch on VHF Channels 16 and 12 and can be contacted for information relating to vessel movement only.


A series of Cardinal and Special Marker Buoys, 10 in total, are to be deployed to mark what will become the construction area, or site, of the proposed Walney Offshore Wind Farm Extension (WOWO3+4)

These Buoys will be installed by the Briggs Marine vessel 'Kingdom Of Fife' with an expected installation date of Thursday 26 January 2017 and will mark what will become the construction area, or site, and all mariners are requested and advised to mark the positions of these Buoys on their charts/plotters and keep clear.

Installation is not expected to exceed 3 days, 'Kingdom Of Fife' will install the first 6 Buoys before returning to Barrow to pick up the other 4.

All mariners should take note that once all the buoys have been laid this area will then become a construction site and unless there are matters relating to their own safety or the safety of others they should keep clear and not enter until the Wind Farm has been commissioned with the Buoys removed and you have been informed.

For further information: Tom Watson: Tel: 01253 875565, Mob: 07903 173 624


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