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SHEFA 2 - Exposed Cable Section

SHEFA 2 - Exposed Cable Section

The Shefa-2 Segment 9, running between Manse bay, Orkney and Banff, Scotland has suffered from several cable breaks since deployment in 2008. Shefa are now pleased to advise that re-deployment was completed successfully late in 2014 and that majority of exposed areas are now buried.

However, Shefa urgently has to stress that a further few areas of the Shefa-2 segment 7, 8 & 9 are unburied and therefore exposed. Especially we need to highlight a limited exposed area between the following positions:

58°47.208'N 002°46.617'W and 58°47.300'N 002°46.763'W

These areas represent a hazard to fishing and should be avoided at all times.

Shefa are in the process of commissioning a new awareness flyer. In the meantime, the latest route of the cable may be seen on the KIS-ORCA Fishing Plotter CDs for January 2015, which are available now and being distributed in the next fortnight.


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