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Rousay-Westray – Submarine Electricity Cable Installation

Please be advised that Global Marine (on behalf of SHEPD) will be undertaking work to install a 33 kV submarine electricity cable from Scockness in Rousay and to East Sous, in Westray across the Westray Firth.

The cable measuring 10.8km, will replace the existing cable which has been supplying the islands since 1983 and is now nearing the end of its operational life. The replacement cable work is essential for maintaining the power supplies to the island of Westray and to support the security of supply to the neighbouring islands.

This notice covers the planned cable installation works which will be delivered in three main phases; mattress construction, cable pull in and lay and cable protection. Anticipated timescales for delivery are outlined below and are dependent on weather conditions:

4 May - 5 May

Topaz Installer - V7EN3 to undertake crossing construction activity. This involves laying concrete mattress at key points where the old cable will come into contact with the new cable. The work is necessary to protect the new cable when it is laid.

5 May - 10 May     Topaz Installer to lay the new cable.

12 May - 17 May     Topaz Installer to install rock bags at certain points along the new cable where burial of the cable is not possible.

18 May - 25 May     ASV and RHIB to undertake post-lay survey.

25 May - 30 May     Global Symphony - C6YY3 to complete cable burial operation and complete the post burial survey

For further information:  Alex  Winrow-Giffin Brown & May Marine, Tel: 01379 872144  email:




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