Subsea Cables

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Rockabill Cable Route - Cable Installation

The laying of the Rockabill Subsea Telecommunications Cable is now complete. The cable has been buried for most of its length. There are four short sections ( 50 to 65 metres each ) where burial was not possible due to crossing over existing cables / pipelines and these short lengths have been overlaid with fleximat for protection.

Vessels should exercise caution if anchoring or fishing near the cable.

The cable lay/fleximat vessel Roxanne Z and all guard vessels are now stood down and off location.

53°31.597'N 006°01.169'W

0 km

53°33.052'N 005°46.497'W

16.6 km

53°34.917'N 005°46.139'W

20.3 km

53°36.370'N 005°33.213'W

34.9 km

53°37.013'N 005°25.293'W

43.7 km

53°36.982'N 005°22.840'W

46.6 km

53°40.247'N 005°19.787'W

53.7 km

53°40.721'N 005°17.050'W

56.8 km

53°44.627'N 005°08.619'W

68.6 km

53°48.916'N 004°56.354'W

84.3 km

53°47.837'N 004°43.782'W

98.3 km

53°46.189'N 004°22.921'W

121.4 km

53°45.605'N 004°11.746'W

133.9 km

53°43.880'N 003°54.135'W

153.5 km

53°44.011'N 003°40.692'W

168.3 km

53°44.074'N 003°31.322'W

178.6 km

53°43.093'N 003°29.079'W

181.6 km

53°42.572'N 003°23.840'W

187.7 km





53°33.675'N 005°46.513'W

53°33.647'N 005°46.507'W


53°34.122'N 005°46.617'W

53°34.094'N 005°46.611'W

GNI Crossing B

53°36.935'N 005°24.881'W

53°36.926'N 005°24.828'W

GNI Crossing C

53°43.828'N 003°48.784'W

53°43.828'N 003°48.725'W

Western HVDC

For further information: Aaron Mair, Tel: +44(0) 7468 457030  email: a.mair@seagard.or

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