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Rampion Wind Farm - Operations

Both export cables have been laid.  Sections of the ROW export cable have been laid on the seabed (with some cable shallow buried) pending future cable operations, currently planned for mid-2017. As such, and until these future cable operations are complete, it is a requirement that the cable is TEMPORARILY protected and pinned in place using the rock bags. 

Cable End Positions Guarded by the George Johannes


  Cable end 50°43.043'N  00°17.961'W 
  Cable end  50°41.587'N  00°15.316'W



Inshore Spoil Area Special Mark


Buoy Position  50°48.710'N  00°19.858'W 


Looking Ahead

  • Bolt tensioning

  • Array Cable terminations

  • AD-HOC inspections

The current lattice structure has failed and will be replaced in due course.

Met Mast   50°41.287'N  00°20.594'W



Project Wave Rider


Wave Rider 1  50°41.409'N  00°15.816'W 
Wave Rider 2 50°40.192'N  00°13.352'W
Wave Rider 3 50°39.023'N  00°19.698'W



Special Yellow marker buoys with 2-3nm yellow light which flashes 1 sec every 5 seconds.


  Cardinal Buoy Positions   Cardinal Buoy Positions
 50°41.375'N  00°21.901'W

50°42.072'N  00°17.095'W

50°42.769'N  00°12.284'W

50°41.051'N  00°11.310'W
 50°39.170'N  00°11.365'W

50°38.399'N  00°16.149'W

50°37.629'N  00°20.928'W

50°39.439'N  00°21.931'W


Flotation Pit Spoil Deposit Area


50°41.941'N  00°16.752'W

50°41.911'N  00°16.447'W

50°41.733'N  00°16.462'W

50°41.750'N  00°16.762'W


For further information: Gordon Bain (Eon Marine Coordination) +44(0)7787241442  email


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