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Rampion Wind Farm - Main Array Hazard Area

Installation of New East Export Cable

The Stemat Spirit has completed removal of the east export cable.

The Panda will be carrying out some work on the HDD inshore duct end over the next 2 days. She will be on a 3-point anchor spread and mariners are advised to remain a minimum safe distance of 1000m during the vessel operations.

The Stemat Spirit and associated vessels will depart site after the Pandas operation and sail to Velson where she will load the new export cable.

Installation of the new export cable will commence from around 21/01/18 and will last approximately 3 weeks.

Mariners are advised to give the vessels a wide berth as they will be restricted in manoeuvrability whilst carrying out operations.

Due to tidal currents anchors, will be placed up to 1500m from the vessel. All vessels are requested to remain a minimum safe distance of 1500m from the vessel at all times. All vessels are requested to remain a minimum safe distance of 500m either side of the installed cable until further notice.


Inter Array Cables - exposed sections

All inter array cables have now been installed.There are some sections of the installed inter array cables that are currently either shallow buried or exposed on the seabed. The shallow buried/exposed sections of cable could represent a significant hazard to fishing vessels and their gear (if fishing gear is deployed over them) and any vessels anchoring over them. Cable hazards will remain until completion of cable protection works planned for Q4 2017 and Q1 2018.


Dive Operations Nearshore Burial of Fibre Optic Cable

The Dive vessel Terramare 1 Call Sign: ZQWAM6 will be undertaking dive operations on the nearshore Fibre Optic cable. Operations are due to last approximately 5 days weather permitting. The divers will be jetting the cable into the seabed.

The anchor handler Willchallenge  Call Sign: MYRX2 will be installing 8 x clump weights for the dive vessel. These will be removed

once operations are complete.


Anchor 1




Anchor 2




Anchor 3




Anchor 4




Anchor 5




Anchor 6




Anchor 7




Anchor 8





The vessel will be operating on an anchor spread. All vessels are requested to remain a minimum safe distance of 500m from the vessel at all times. All mariners should be aware that High Speed project vessels (crew transfer vessels) are operating between the ports of Brighton, Shoreham, predominantly Newhaven and the wind farm.


Hazardous  Areas:

Hazard Area 1

Hazard Area 2

Hazard Area 3

50°48.875'N  00°20.141'W

50°44.703'N  00°18.914'W

50°43.711'N  00°18.308'W

50°48.928'N  00°19.972'W

50°44.724'N  00°18.747'W

50°42.872'N  00°17.117'W

50°47.587'N  00°18.982'W

50°44.453'N  00°18.664'W

50°42.481'N  00°17.677'W

50°46.778'N  00°18.573'W

50°44.434'N  00°18.834'W

50°43.179'N  00°18.919'W

50°46.683'N  00°18.981'W


50°43.432'N  00°18.985'W

50°47.517'N  00°19.259'W




  • The Wind Farms requests, all such Gears DO NOT come within 500m of the exposed/shallow buried cables (as indicated above)
  • The Wind Farms requests, mobile or towed demersal fishing gears (trawls, shellfish dredgers etc) gears DO NOT come within the vicinity of the cables in locations outside of these defined hazard areas.
  • Furthermore, interaction between fishing gear (OR anchors) and the export cables could also cause damage to the export cables themselves. All mariners are requested NOT to anchor within 100m of the export cables and to make themselves aware of their obligations for conducting activities over buried cable.


Array Cable Rock Bag Placement

The vessel Siem N-Sea will undertake boulder clearance 25m either side of the East Export cable route. Once complete she will be placing rock bags for Array cable protection within a radius of 75m around all WTG's. Operations are planned to start on the 25 Nov 2017 and is planned to be completed by the 25 Dec 2017 weather permitting.

For further information: Gordon Bain (Eon Marine Coordination) +44(0)7787241442  email

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