Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Shallow Buried Export Cable

Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Shallow Buried Export Cable

The Race Bank Project undertook a survey at the location shown on the below chart on 10/10/2018. The survey identified a shallow-buried section of export cable approximately 15m long, with approximately 0.2m of cover.

It is important to note that the results of the survey only reflect the cable burial status at the time of the survey. The seabed morphology is dynamic meaning that the cable burial status is subject to rapid modification.

Cables are potentially subsea hazards and should be treated as such. NP 100 "The Mariners Handbook" advises that "Every care should be taken to avoid anchoring, trawling, fishing, dredging, drilling, or carrying out any other activity in the vicinity of cables which might damage them." This warning is repeated on all admiralty charts.

The Race Bank project is liaising with the Port Authorities and the Marine Management Organisation to determine requirements. Additional information will be issued to reflect significant changes in status, and/or ahead of future survey/work programmes.

Shallow Buried Export Cable:

KP 5.547  52°51.765'N 00°14.731'E

KP 5.561  52°51.773'N 00°14.733'E


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