Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Potential Export Cable Exposure

Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Potential Export Cable Exposure

The Race Bank Project has received information from the Port of Wisbech Harbour Authority indicating that the Wisbech Eye Channel has migrated from its previous position. It is understood that the Port of Wisbech Authority may imminently relocate one of the nearby navigational buoys to reflect the shift in the position of the channel.

In light of the information received from the Port of Wisbech Harbour Authority, the Race Bank Project is mobilising the Rix Leopard to undertake survey work within the vicinity of the Fenland Buoy. The aim of the survey work is to establish whether one, or both, of the Race Bank export cables may've become exposed, or insufficiently buried, as a result of local changes in bathymetry. The Rix Leopard is due to commence survey operations on Wednesday 10th October (a.m.)

Until further information becomes available, mariners are asked to navigate with caution within the area delineated on the below chart. Any anchors, or towed fishing equipment, deployed within this area present a significant risk to vessels, to fishing gear, to vessel crews, and to the export cables. An update NtM will provided in the coming days.


Possible Shallow or Exposed Cable:

KP 5.15  52°51.556'N 00°14.656'E

KP 5.60  52°51.793'N 00°14.741'E


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