Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Entire Fishing Clearance Zone Closed

Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Entire Fishing Clearance Zone Closed

The Fishing Clearance Zone shown in the below chart remains closed to all forms of fishing, and is expected to remain closed until Q4 2017 / Q1 2018. The deployment of any fishing gear, or fishing anywhere within, the Fishing Clearance Zone remains strictly prohibited.

Fishing vessels are able to transit through the Fishing Clearance Zone. However, all fishing vessels must maintain a safe distance from, and not disrupt, any vessel engaged in, or supporting, Race Bank construction operations.


All wind turbine foundations and both offshore substations have been installed. All array cables have been laid on the seabed and burial works are due to resume imminently and will continue for the coming months. Cable burial and installation works remains ongoing along the export cable route. The full length of the southernmost export cable has been installed, and the section of the northernmost export cable that crosses the intertidal area has been installed. Work to lay and bury the remaining section of the northernmost export cable is underway.

Seabed levelling operations are required along sections of the northernmost export cable route. Export cable jointing pits need to be created at two locations along the northernmost export cable.  Proposed disposal and temporary stockpile sites for the

seabed sediment generated as a result of the seabed levelling and joint-pit works respectively.

In order to comply with a Marine Licence issued by the MMO on 09/06/2017, the spatial extent of Temporary Storage Area KP27 must extend across an area that is part-located outwith the Fishing Clearance Zone. Placement of sediment within Temporary Storage Area KP27 will not commence before 16/06/2017, and the subsequent recovery of sediment is scheduled to be complete by the end of July 2017. DONG Energy requests that this area (bounded by the below coordinates) is kept free of static fishing gear during this period.

53° 0.192' N  0° 25.151' E

53° 0.119' N  0° 25.021' E

53° 0.167' N  0° 25.183' E

53° 0.083' N  0° 25.038' E

The portion of Temporary Storage Area KP27 that is located outwith the Fishing Clearance Zone has a spatial extent of approximately 100 m x 200 m.

The Entire Fishing Clearance Zone will be CLOSED to the fishing industry

For further information: Hywel Roberts, DONG Energy, Tel: +44(0)20 7811 5486  email: hywro@dongenergy.co.uk

Website:  http://www.dongenergy.com/en/Search?&k=race%20bank



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