Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Exposed Export Cable Sections

Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Exposed Export Cable Sections

Sections of the Race Bank Wind Farm export cable have been found to be exposed, or only shallowly buried. These pose a snagging risk to fishermen and caution should be exercised. Remedial burial works are ongoing to achieve full burial at these locations.

As the previously agreed 'Fishing Clearance Zones' have now been deactivated as of 00:01 on 1st March 2018, Orsted are working with fishermen on an agreement to remain clear of these locations whilst work continues.


Centre Position

KP 11: Length 895m x Width 100m   

52°54.281'N 000°16.413'E

KP 25: Length 525m x Width 100m               

KP 27: Length 365m x Width 100m - 170m  

KP 28: Length 1002m x Width 100m             

53°00.266'N 000°24.230'E

53°01.044'N 000°25.029'E

53°01.499'N 000°25.595'E

KP 35: Length 3230m x Width 100-220m      

53°04.766'N 000°29.252'E

North of KP 62: Length 235m x Width 100m 

53°15.159'N 000°43.036'E

KP 65: Length 435m x Width 100m                

53°16.363'N 000°44.391'E

KP 70.925: Length 170m x Width 100m

53°17.736'N 000°48.500'E

In the interests of the safety of mariners, and in order to avoid damaging the export cables, the Race Bank project is duty-bound to highlight the significant risks that would be associated with fishing activity within the 'Cable Exposure Zones'. In line with standard industry practice, fishermen are advised to temporarily refrain from fishing within the 'Cable Exposure Zones' (inc. pot fishing and/or trawling) while remedial burial works remain ongoing. Any static gear anchors, or towed fishing equipment, deployed within these areas presents a significant risk to gear, to vessels, to crews, and to the export cables.


For further information: Hywel Roberts, DONG Energy, Tel: +44(0)20 7811 5486  email: hywro@dongenergy.co.uk

Website:  http://www.dongenergy.com/en/Search?&k=race%20bank



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