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NorSeaCom-Seg3 – Possible Exposed Cable

The NorSeaCom-Seg 3 submarine cable, running out of Lowestoft and north, has suffered from several cable breaks since deployment. The cable might be exposed in areas along the route, as the nature of the seabed and current conditions is causing changes in the cable configuration.

Recently another hit was recorded to the NorSeaCom-Seg 3 cable in position,

52°32.852'N 002°13.650'E

indicating that the cable is exposed in this area. This position and the near proximity along the route represents a hazard to fishing and should be avoided at all times. A guard vessel will patrol along exposed cable route, and other seafarers are requested to approach the area with caution and not deploy fishing gear within 500m of the position 

52°32.852'N 002°13.650'E  or along the route of the cable.  

The cable owner wishes to inform fishermen that they cannot trawl across the NorSeaCom-Seg 3 cable without risking damaging it and subsequent legal action to recover the repair cost.

For further information:   John Wrottesley, Global Marine Group, Tel: +44 1245 702009 email:


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