London Array Wind Farm – Inter Array Cable Repairs

London Array Wind Farm – Inter Array Cable Repairs

Please be advised that Stemat-82 Call Sign: 5BYU4 on behalf of London Array, will be conducting inter array cable repairs on cable (G15-F15).

As part of this work, cable extraction, and replacement will be undertaken using, divers, de-burial systems within the London Array Wind Farm.

Stemat-82 Cable Lay Barge has a length of 80.00m and breadth of 28.00m. The Stemat-82 uses an eight-point mooring system. The Stemat-82 will control the cable repairs throughout the work utilising a variety of systems and techniques. These will include diving and de-burial operations whilst on anchors.

The Stemat-82 will be supported by four vessels, two conducting anchor operations, two as a crew transfer vessel. A small dive RIB will also be deployed as required to assist in the work.

ISA Call Sign: PBPG; Panda Call Sign: PCOA; Windcat 39 Call Sign: 2JAV6; Spectrum 1 Call Sign: 2CQX5

The works is expected to commence on the 15th April 2018 and continue for approximately 5 weeks. During this period, a 750m radius restricted zone will be put in place centred on the following locations:

  • G15:    51°38.307'N 001°28.749'E

During diving operations, a 500m exclusion zone will implemented at the required dive location, but within the designated restricted zones.

It should be noted that up to 8 anchors will be used at various locations within the 750m exclusion zone which will be determined by operational requirements.


For further information: Duty Marine Coordinator, Tel: +44 07920854358 email:

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