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Lerwick - Bressay Submarine Electricity Cable - Removal

Please be advised that Briggs Marine Contractors (on behalf of SHEPD) will be undertaking the removal of the redundant 11kV submarine electricity cable running between Lerwick Harbour and Heogan on Bressay. It is to be removed under the terms of an earlier Works Licence between Lerwick Port Authority and SHEPD, which saw the cable being replaced by a new directional drilled subsea cable in early 2016.

The work, which will involve dive operations, will utilise two different vessels during operations:

• Forth Guardsman Call Sign: ZIVU6

• MPC Advance Call Sign: 2CYG9

The cable removal work will be concentrated across the cable corridor, close to the water main, within the boundary defined by the following coordinates. These operations will commence during an appropriate weather window following 07/03/2018 and will continue over a planned minimum period of 4 days, weather permitting.

60°10.492'N  001°09.290'W

60°10.494'N  001°09.268'W

60°10.496'N  001°09.247'W

60°10.497'N  001°09.237'W

60°10.498'N  001°09.227'W

60°10.499'N  001°09.215'W

60°10.500'N  001°09.205'W

60°10.501'N  001°09.195'W

60°10.502'N  001°09.184'W

60°10.503'N  001°09.173'W

60°10.504'N  001°09.163'W

60°10.505'N  001°09.152'W

60°10.506'N  001°09.141'W

60°10.507'N  001°09.131'W

60°10.509'N  001°09.120'W

60°10.510'N  001°09.110'W

60°10.511'N  001°09.099'W

60°10.512'N  001°09.088'W

60°10.513'N  001°09.078'W

60°10.514'N  001°09.067'W

60°10.515'N  001°09.057'W

60°10.516'N  001°09.046'W

60°10.517'N  001°09.035'W

60°10.518'N  001°09.025'W

60°10.519'N  001°09.014'W

60°10.520'N  001°09.003'W

60°10.522'N  001°08.982'W

60°10.523'N  001°08.972'W

60°10.524'N  001°08.961'W

60°10.526'N  001°08.939'W

60°10.528'N  001°08.919'W

60°10.530'N  001°08.897'W

60°10.532'N  001°08.876'W

60°10.534'N  001°08.854'W

60°10.534'N  001°08.850'W


The removal operations will be undertaken by the Forth Guardsman and MPC Advance pictured below. The vessels will operate simultaneously during the cable removal.

During operations the Forth Guardsman will be restricted in the ability to manoeuvre along the cable route. Work will be conducted during daylight hours and the vessel will revert to an overnight position outwith the dredged channel.

Whilst operations will seek to minimise disruption on the width of the main navigation channel, some disruption may be unavoidable during operations when an exclusion zone will be in place along the cable route. During diving operations, a 200m exclusion zone will be required; constant communication between the operator and Port Control will keep this to a minimum.

Vessels will be required to communicate with Port Control during the works. Should any vessel wish to come within 200m of Forth Guardsman then direct communication with Forth Guardsman is required.

It is anticipated that the marine operations and cable removal will take 4 days to complete, weather permitting.


For further information: Alex  Winrow-Giffin Brown & May Marien, Tel: 01379 872144  email:


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