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Kincardine Offshore Wind Ltd (KOWL) – Survey

Please be advised that Horizon Geosciences will be performing geophysical site investigation works on behalf of Kincardine Offshore Wind Limited (KOWL) at the Kincardine Offshore Windfarm, offshore Scotland, in the North Sea.

Company / Vessel Area Timeframe

Horizon Geosciences
Kommandor Stuart   
Remote Sensor    


57°07.811'N 002°02.655'W
57°07.497'N 002°01.656'W
57°06.080'N 002°00.466'W
57°02.577'N 001°53.019'W
57°05.513'N 001°49.731'W
57°02.849'N 001°39.118'W
56°56.319'N 001°44.844'W
56°59.097'N 001°55.722'W
57°00.129'N 001°55.143'W
57°04.556'N 002°03.935'W
57°05.378'N 002°04.837'W

15th May 2017   
Until End August


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For further information,   please contact: John Cudden, Horizon Sciences Limited, Tel: +44(0) 1173291080  email:


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