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Hibernia Segment A - Exposed Subsea Cable, Beam Trawl and Wire

Hibernia Segment A - Exposed Subsea Cable, Beam Trawl and Wire

Please be advised that, following entanglement with a subsea cable, a beam trawl and scallop gear have been discarded at the position below. The fishing gear is entangled with the subsea cable and poses a significant hazard to fishing (L:10m x H: 2m). There is also over 80m of exposed cable in the vicinity, due to the trawl dragging the cable from its original position.

Please exercise extreme caution whilst fishing in this area.

 Hib Pic

An incident of a fishing vessel snagging his gear on a subsea cable (Hibernia Atlantic) approximately ten nautical miles off the Northern Ireland coast.

The position given by the fishing vessel is:       55°22.915'N   06°35.917'W

It was advised that the fishermen cut away both sides of his fishing gear and up to 200 fathoms of wire rope.

An Awareness Chart of the area is available from: Steven Bennett, Global Marine, email:

For further information, please contact: Alasdair Wilkie, Hibernia Networks, email:, Tel: 44 1704 322 306, Mobile: +44 7850 770 577


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