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Galloper Wind Farm - Monopile Foundation & Transition Installation

Galloper Wind Farm - Monopile Foundation & Transition Installation

Please be advised that from circa 1st week December 2016, the installation of 56 monopile foundation & transition pieces is expected to commence within the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm area that is demarcated by the navigational cardinal buoys.

Both vessels request a 500m safety radius with permission to enter being given direct via the vessel which can be contacted on VHF 16

  • Glomar Avior to continue guard duties at the Galloper Wind Farm exposed cable location.

  • Support vessel Flat Holm installed 2 x Triaxys buoys in the following positions:

Buoy Number

Anchor Coordinates

Water Depth



51°59.833'N  02°01.242'E


Fl.5 (Y) 20s


51°58.501'N  02°05.829'E


Fl.5 (Y) 20s






Activities planned for the next 7 days:

  • Glomar Avior and Rachael S to continue Guard Duties at the Galloper Wind Farm
  • Innovation to continue with foundation installation (operating from Netherlands).
  • Grand Canyon has completed archaeological investigation and departed the area.
  • Aquata (CTV) on site to support foundation installation works (operating from Lowestoft).
  • Severn Provider to continue supporting the project with emergency response cover (operating from Lowestoft).
  • Survey vessels Gemini and Breaker will continue and complete the in-field surveys. Vessels will then depart the area.

For further information, Lee Cornwell, Galloper Wind Farm Limited, Mob: +44 (0)7917 474352, Email:

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