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Galloper Wind Farm – Fishing Hazard & Exposed Cable

Galloper Wind Farm – Fishing Hazard & Exposed Cable

Please be advised that the Multi-Cat "Coastal Chariot" PCWZ is expected to commence operations at Galloper Offshore

Windfarm circa 15th December 2017 until further notice.

The vessel will be conducting Subsea cable works in the vicinity of Sizewell beach (approximately 300m at nearest point). A wide berth is requested when passing this vessel during operations The vessel can be contacted on VHF Channel 16 throughout for any further information.


For reference, the cable could be envisaged to be bound by a box with the corners at the following coordinates,-

52°12.372'N 001°37.394'E

52°12.359'N 001°37.392'E

52°12.392'N 001°37.543'E

52°12.369'N 001°37.550'E

Fishing Hazard

Please be advised that a concrete mattress has been dropped within the windfarm. The mattress is 6 metres x 3 metres and 0.15 metres high. It weighs 4.5 tonnes.   Positon: 51°57.077'N 002°01.141'E


The Secretary of State has approved the Application of Safety Zones on the Galloper Wind Farm project. These are defined as:

1.       A Statutory 500m Safety Zone at the location of each wind turbine, offshore sub-station and their foundations whilst work is being performed, as indicated by the presence of construction vessels;

2.       A Statutory 50m Safety Zone around all structures until construction and commissioning is completed.

All Vessels not involved in construction are prohibited from entering or remaining in the Safety Zones.

During the commissioning process, construction vessels will be coming and going from the Site frequently. The 500m Safety Zone will therefore be in force around various assets on the site, dependent on which area is being worked on and it may not be obvious when the 500m safety zone will come into effect. In the interests of reducing the navigational risk, all vessels are advised to remain well clear of 500m safety zones at all times and to avoid doing anything that may interfere with or obstruct the commissioning process.



Kingfisher Awareness Flyer: Galloper Offshore Wind Farm



For further information:   Lee Cornwell, Galloper Wind Farm Limited, Mob: +44 (0)7917 474352, Email:

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