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EirGrid East West Interconnector Cable – Exposed Cable Sections

On behalf of EirGrid/Intertek please be advised that following recent marine survey operations along the route of the EirGrid East West Interconnector power cable laid between Rush Beach, County Dublin, Ireland and Barkby Beach near Rhyl, North Wales UK the cable is currently exposed at two locations within UK 12-mile territorial waters fishery limit off the North Wales coast.


In the interests of maritime safety, mariners/fishermen are advised not to anchor, trawl or deploy bottom contact fishing equipment in the vicinity of the EirGrid East West Interconnector power cable route and within the boundary box of the exposed cable sections as detailed below:


Ref. KP90 Exposed Cable Boundary Box

53°36 25.82'N  004°45 08.62'W

53°36 26.53'N  004°43 56.21'W

53°35 34.98'N  004°43 53.91'W

53°35 37.53'N  004°45 23.20'W


Ref. KP169 Exposed Cable Boundary Box

53°24 22.97'N 003°39 33.97'W

53°24 21.03'N 003°38 18.31'W

53°23 33.20'N 003°38 22.66'W

53°23 37.29'N 003°39 46.63'W


For further information: Colin Richards, Network Marine, Tel: +44 (0)1404 46323 Mobile +44(0)7702 693660 email:


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