East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm – Confirmed Unexploded Ordnance

East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm – Confirmed Unexploded Ordnance

Please be advised that construction activities and UXO disposal are continuing at the East Anglia One Wind Farm.


  • The Glomar Drifa will continue Guard vessel duties
  • Heavy Lift vessel Bokalift 1 will continue pile and jacket installation on East Anglia One Wind Farm.
  • Olympic Taurus will continue pile cleaning on various locations.
  • MTS Terramare to continue UXO diving investigations on various locations on the export cable route.
  • Tender 2 will support the MTS Terramare with near shore operations.
  • Olympic Artemis to continue with UXO investigation.
  • GPS Battler to continue supporting the MTS Terramare with anchor handling operations.
  • The Patriot will continue on the project to conduct passive acoustic monitoring during UXO EOD operations.
  • Greta Fighter will mobilise to join the project.

For full list of Unexploded Ordnance see Kingfisher Renewables Bulletin


For further information:  Graham Farrant, Tel: 0141614290 or 7834 603291  email: gfarrant@scottishpower.com

  • 1. N Sea North
  • 2. N Sea Central
  • 3. N Sea South / E Channel
  • 4. SW Approaches / W Channel
  • 5. Irish Sea
  • 6. NW Approaches
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