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Dudgeon Wind Farm - Construction Works

Dudgeon Wind Farm - Construction Works

Wind turbine generators will be installed until Q3 2017. All construction work is planned to be completed late 2017.

Service Operation Vessel

The ESVAGT NJORD will be performing preparation support for the operation of the wind farm and will be in regular transit between the Dudgeon site and Great Yarmouth.

Wind Turbine Generator Installation

The SEA CHALLENGER will perform installation of the wind turbine generators (WTG) from January 2017 until Q3-2017. WTG installation and commissioning work in July - August 2017

Accommodation Vessel

The VESTLAND CYGNUS will be on location until Q4-2017 as accommodation vessel for Turbine commissioning.

Commissioning Activites

For the commissioning and construction work there are several Crew Transfers Vessels operating in the wind farm area on a daily basis. This activity is ongoing and will continue until commissioning completes in Q4 2017.

Guard Vessel

The RESOLUTE or the ADVENTURE will be present at the site to safe guard the wind farm area.


Mark Coordinates
Special Mark
North Cardinal
East Cardinal
South Cardinal
Special Mark
South Cardinal
53°17.631'N 01°23.919'E
53°16.277'N 01°26.691'E
53°14.320'N 01°27.123'E
53°12.470'N 01°25.617'E
53°14.012'N 01°22.132'E
53°15.451'N 01°19.188'E


Dudgeon Cable Corridor Coordinates

53° 13.462'N            01° 24.174'E

53° 15.230'N            01° 20.360'E

53° 14.140'N            01° 20.820'E

53° 12.990'N            01° 20.370'E

53° 10.090'N            01° 18.540'E

53° 02.750'N            01° 13.780'E

53° 01.720'N            01° 13.040'E

53° 01.490'N            01° 12.230'E

53° 01.300'N            01° 07.830'E

52° 57.100'N            01° 07.500'E

52° 56.950'N            01° 08.740'E

52° 57.230'N            01° 09.600'E

52° 59.220'N            01° 11.920'E

53° 00.430'N            01° 13.410'E

53° 01.760'N            01° 15.080'E

53° 09.580'N            01° 20.190'E

53° 12.750'N            01° 22.120'E

53° 13.420'N            01° 22.120'E

53° 13.462'N            01° 24.174'E


For further information: Stig J. Andersen, Statoil ASA  Tel: +47 95243448  email:



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