Cable Repairs – TAT 14 (Segment K)

Cable Repairs – TAT 14 (Segment K)

During the last two years there have been several repairs to the TAT 14 segment K cable North of Scotland from the Fair Isle Channel to the Continental Shelf edge and slope. For all details on the current status of the cable please see the up to date Kingfisher Awareness Flyers. These may be obtained by clicking on the links below.

Please note that the following charts have been updated.

For a copy of the Kingfisher Awareness Flyers for the Sprint 2013 (TAT 14 Segment K) cable, please contact the undersigned. Alternatively, click on the link below, or visit


Please note that the following charts have also been updated.


For further information, please contact: Colin Richards, Network Marine, email:






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  • 4. SW Approaches / W Channel
  • 5. Irish Sea
  • 6. NW Approaches
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