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Burbo Bank Offshore Windfarm - Turbine Exchange / Loss of Marker Buoy

The component exchange at Turbine positions D01 has now been carried out and the self-propelled jack-up 'MPI Resolution' has left the site.

For more information on the boundaries of the 50 metre Advisory Safety Zones, ensure that you have the latest KIS-ORCA information installed. This can be downloaded from

The buoy mentioned below has been lost in the recent bad weather and the underwater hazard is no longer marked.

All mariners are requested and advised to note the position of the hazard, as the position of Turbine A1, mark it on their charts/plotters and take extra precaution to keep clear when in the area and note that this hazard is protruding approx. 2 / 3 meters above the seabed.

A new buoy will be placed in position as soon as practical.

Position of Turbine A1 : 54°46.3N  003°42.1W


For further information: Tom Watson, Tel: 01253 875565, Mob: 07903 173 624

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