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Bluemull Sound, Shetland - Subsea Tidal Turbine & Power Cable

The purpose of the operation is to conduct work on a subsea tidal energy array in Bluemull Sound, Shetland.

A workboat vessel the Leask Marine MV C-Odyssey (pictured below, call sign 2ETW7) or similar will conduct offshore and subsea operations. Works will include loading and preparatory work at Cullivoe Pier. The work will be conducted from December 2017 to end March 2018 and operations could take place during the day or at night.

Operations will be conducted within a 300m radius of the array location and up to 30m either side of the cable corridor route; cable waypoints are listed below.

Array location: 60°41.908'N 00°59.016'W

Cable Way Points
60°41.878'N 000°59.917'W
60°41.813'N 000°59.862'W
60°41.814'N 000°59.701'W
60°41.815'N 000°59.437'W
60°41.818'N 000°59.400'W
60°41.835'N 000°59.217'W
60°41.869'N 000°59.101'W
60°41.900'N 000°59.030'W
60°41.878'N 000°59.917'W
60°41.813'N 000°59.862'W

For further information:  Tom Wills, Nova Innovation, Tel: 0131 241 2000 / 07825 914 257 email:

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