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Beatrice Offshore Windfarm - Exposed Cable

During a routine inspection of the export cable EC2, a short section of the cable was found to be partially exposed on the Seabed. This may constitute a hazard to activities such as fishing and anchoring.

A short area (4metres) of partial exposure of Export Cable EC2 is in the vicinity of the mid cable joint at the location where the cable changes direction through 180degs

This position is centred on 57°57.570'N 03°02.409'W

The maximum exposure observed was approx. 50% with no damage or defects observed. The seabed at location was observed to be flat and featureless and mainly consisted of sand and silt. It is requested that mariners avoid activities which are likely to disturb the seabed within a 500m Radius of this location until the exposed cable has been re-buried. A further Notice to Mariners will be issued to confirm the re-burial and safe operation in this area.

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