Caithness - Moray HVDC Link - Cable Laying


The Caithness - Moray HVDC Link will be a twin bundled High Voltage DC interconnector (single cable diameter 132mm) installed by ABB HVC for Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHE T) stretching approximately 113 km across the Moray Firth from Portgordon in Moray to Noss Head in Caithness.

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Emergency Cable Repair - Hibernia Seg C


ASN Marine on behalf of Alcatel Submarine Networks have been contracted to undertake an emergency repair to the Hibernia Networks submarine fibre optic telecommunications cable within the UK Exclusive Economic waters.

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SEA-ME-WE 3 seg 10.4 - Repair


The CS Wave Sentinel is due to arrive on the repair site for the second operation on the 19th of February at approx. 06:30 am. The duration of the cable repair will be approximately 5 days depending upon weather or other operational conditions.

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GLO-1 Submarine Fibre Optic Telecommunications Cable


ASN Marine on behalf of Alcatel Submarine Networks have been contracted to undertake an emergency repair to the GLO-1 submarine fibre optic telecommunications cable in UK territorial waters

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London Array Wind Farm – Wave Buoy Deployment


The London Array Offshore Wind Farm is located approximately 20km from the Kent and Essex coasts in the outer Thames Estuary.

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Bluemull Sound, Shetland - Subsea Tidal Turbine & Power Cable


Works will include loading and preparatory work at Belmont Pier and Cullivoe Pier. The work will be conducted during September; operations could take place during day or night

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Galloper Wind Farm - Monopile Foundation & Transition Installation


Offshore Wind Farm. Initial works will commence within the export cable corridor towards the coastline at Sizewell and will then progress towards the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm area.

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Dudgeon Wind Farm - Construction Works


Construction activities are in progress at the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm and Export Cable Corridor.

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Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Unlit Monopiles


Navigational frame recovery campaign at the Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm Marine Licence. now have functioning lights at all monopiles. guard vessel Helen Mary will continue to monitor the situation.

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West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm - Cable Spans & Flidar Buoys


A survey has identified two areas where there is the potential of Exposed/Free-Span Cable either side of the crossing of the Barrow Wind Farm cable. There is the potential that both of the West of Duddon Sands cables are exposed in the area immediately to the East and West of the Barrow Wind Farm Export Cable Crossing.

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