Ulysses 1 - Cable Recovery COMPLETE


Global Marine has been contracted to undertake a submarine fibre optic cable recovery in the Southern North Sea spanning from the 15m water depth contour in the France to the 15m water depth contour in the UK.

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IFA 2000 - Cable Repair


As communicated in March 2017, the repair of four cables of IFA 2000 link has been completed, but some lengths of these power cables are still exposed and represent a hazard for Fishermen (and the cables themselves).

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Dudgeon Wind Farm - Construction Works


Construction activities are in progress at the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm and Export Cable Corridor.

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Beatrice Offshore Windfarm - Foundation Piling Operations


Foundation Piling Operations

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London Array Wind Farm – Wave Buoy Deployment


The London Array Offshore Wind Farm is located approximately 20km from the Kent and Essex coasts in the outer Thames Estuary.

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Rampion Wind Farm - Operations


Upon completion of the trench, the cable will be laid. The vessels will then return to backfill the trench after completion of cable laying. Backfilling is planned to start around 11/07/17 and will last approximately 10 days weather permitiing. The cable will be laid In between the 2 existing export cables

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Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Entire Fishing Clearance Zone Closed


The Fishing Clearance Zone shown in the below chart remains closed to all forms of fishing, and is expected to remain closed until Q4 2017 / Q1 2018. The deployment of any fishing gear, or fishing anywhere within, the Fishing Clearance Zone remains strictly prohibited.

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Galloper Wind Farm - Continuation of Inter Array Cable Operations


Please be advised that the Jack Up Vessel "Bold Tern" is expected to commence operations at Galloper Offshore

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Fishing Hazard - Wreck MV Ella


Please be advised the vessel MV Ella Sank and has been marked with a 25 litre can attached to 110m of rope

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Moray Offshore Wind Farm - Survey


Moray Offshore Wind Farm - Survey

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