Beatrice Offshore Windfarm - Exposed Cable


During a routine inspection of the export cable EC2, a short section of the cable was found to be partially exposed on the Seabed. This may constitute a hazard to activities such as fishing and anchoring.

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Rampion Wind Farm - Hazards Post Construction


Please be advised that the below possible hazards have been identified from the Offshore substation along the export cable route and the beach landing.

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East Anglia One - Lost 2 tonne Clump Weights


Please be advised that potentially 5 No 2 tonne clump weights dropped at the following position

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East Anglia One - Dropped Concrete Mattress


Please be advised that Dropped Object - Concrete ballast mattress failed to disconnect from deployment frame during placement over EA1S HDD duct. Mattress was rotated north away from duct and was laid down within the EA1S exit pit.

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Kincardine Offshore Wind Ltd (KOWL) – Dropped Object


Please be advised that the dropped object - Concrete Sinker & Chain. Sinker 3 tons Dimensions 1m x 1m 1m. Remainder of the 180m chain (130m) 1.5 tons, 130m Chain 26 x 234 x143mm. Unknown Recovery Date

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East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm – Confirmed Unexploded Ordnance


Please be advised that confirmed unexploded ordnance has been identified at the following as found coordinates:

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Galloper Wind Farm – Fishing Hazard & Exposed Cable


Following a recent survey within the Galloper windfarm some evidence of cable exposure was observed.

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Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm - Shallow Buried Export Cable


Marine Licence applications, detailing the proposed cable burial remedial works, were submitted to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) in 2018 and remain pending. Since the ML applications were made, geophysical survey data obtained shows that there is a reduced number of sections of shallow buried cables (<0.5m buried).

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Rockabill Cable Route - Cable Installation


The laying of the Rockabill Subsea Telecommunications Cable is now complete. The cable has been buried for most of its length. There are four short sections ( 50 to 65 metres each ) where burial was not possible due to crossing over existing cables / pipelines and these short lengths have been overlaid with fleximat for protection.

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Bute to Cumbrae 11kv Cable - New Cable


Please note a new subsea cable has been installed at the below position from Bute to Cumbrae. This is an SSEN 11kv power cable.

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