Walney Extention OWF - Operations


Please note that this area is designated as a construction site and all mariners are requested and advised to mark the positions of these Buoys on their charts/plotters and unless there are matters relating to their own safety or the safety of others they should keep clear and not enter the buoyed area until the Wind Farm has been commissioned with the Buoys removed and you have been informed.

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Galloper Wind Farm – Fishing Hazard & Exposed Cable


Multi-Cat “Coastal Chariot” PCWZ is expected to commence operations at Galloper Offshore Windfarm circa 15th December 2017 until further notice.

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Rampion Wind Farm - Main Array Hazard Area


The Stemat Spirit Call Sign: PBSO and associated anchor handling tugs will commence preparations for the installation on 09/12/17 which will last approximately 4 weeks.

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Dudgeon Wind Farm - Construction Works


Construction activities are in progress at the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm and Export Cable Corridor.

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Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm – Scour Protection & Boulder Clearance


Hornsea Project One will be commencing offshore installation works in the offshore Wind Farm area with the installation of scour protection and foundations.

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London Array Wind Farm – Inter Array Cable Repairs


Stemat-82 Call Sign: PBRF, on behalf of London Array, will be conducting inter array cable repairs on cable (E17-F17).

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Gunfleet Sands - Export Cable Exposure


Recent surveys at Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm have illustrated that some array/in-field cables are lying exposed on the seabed and are no longer buried and there is one freespan.

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Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm - Cable Spans


Recent results from the export cable surveys at Greater Gabbard show that there are 8 free-spans which are listed below.

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Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm – Export Cable Open Trenches


HOW01 wish to inform mobile gear fishermen that trenching works are ongoing within the HOW01 export cable corridor.

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Aberdeen OWF - Cable Shore Landing


The cable laying vessel Ndurance will setup on anchors in the nearshore area and commence the shore landing works. Isla-B will be acting as guard vessel and the works will be assisted by support vessels Dutch Power, Sea Bronco, RHIB CRC Tempest, CRC Neptune & MTSL Bittern (CTV).

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