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The KIS-ORCA Project

The Kingfisher Information Service - Offshore Renewable & Cable Awareness project (KIS-ORCA) is a joint initiative between the European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA), Renewable UK and the Kingfisher Information Service of Seafish.




KIS-ORCA commenced on 01 January 2012 and supersedes the successful KIS-CA project. KIS-CA provided fishermen with accurate, up-to-date and freely available information relating to subsea cables for more than a decade. The new KIS-ORCA project is operating under the same core principles, although aiming for an enhanced service for fishermen.

KIS-ORCA now includes subsea cables (power and telecoms) surrounding the UK and, for the first time, UK offshore renewable energy structures, in the form of constructed offshore wind farms.

KIS-ORCA information is available to fishermen in the following formats:

Fishing Plotter Files

Supplied on CD, all the KIS-ORCA data is available to fishermen in the most popular fishing plotter systems and updated annually. These files are also available to download from here.

Awareness Charts

Awareness charts have been produced for all the KIS-ORCA data. There are six charts surrounding the UK and also localised charts for each constructed wind farm. These are available to download from here.


This interactive website allows fishermen to view subsea cable and renewable energy structures on an interactive Google Map, download the latest data and ensure they are up-to-date with the very latest offshore activity news. The website has been produced primarily for Fishing Safety, although also gives fishermen an insight into the offshore industries they share the seabed with.